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Jean McKay (Review)

Steve is a really nice guy and a great musician. We had him play at our 4th of July pool party and he was a great hit! He picked a perfect mix of music. I was told by all my

George and Michelle (Review)

Steve performed for our mother’s 70th birthday party at our home. He has an awesome voice and there really wasn’t a song he played that we didn’t like! We definitely want to get him our our restaurants.

Steve and Karen (Review)

Steve and Shelley performed at our restaurant this past New Years Eve. They were very well received by our patrons, just the right volume and made the extra effort to make sure everyone was happy.

John and Lucy Johnson (Review)

We saw Steve perform with After Sundown at a cancer fund raiser at the Elks Lodge in Glendale. There were multiple bands thoughtout the afternoon. The best vocals we heard all day!

Mike and Laurie (Review)

We loved the variety of music that Steve and Shelley played at Austin’s in Goodyear last night. We sat at the bar and applauded after every song!

John and Sara Harcourt (Review)

We just saw Steve Russell of Phacets Music performing with his group “rNb” at Augies in Goodyear, AZ this past Friday. We were just going to stay for a couple of songs and one round of drinks, but ending up

Sharon Tara (Review)

I am so impressed with the results of all your hard work, Steve. It's obvious how much you love what you do, your passion for music shines through each song. I am happy to see you've added Country

Josh Harring (Review)

Stephen Russell is a man of many talents. Singing and playing over 10 instruments, this lifelong musician, along with his wife Shelley, has been in the music scene for over three decades. Steve’s current project, Phacets Musuc, is his take

Dave Trull (Review)

Steve Russell has always loved performing and now he has compiled many of his long-time favorites with some country overtones in his reinvention. He has taken a few dozen Pop, Rock and Country favorites and added a hint of his

Dan Elder (Review)

Really enjoyed your music mix! So much great music done so VERY well! Thanks for sharing! Glad you got back to your studio. Now I'm inspired to drag out my bass and start jamming!

Keith Piccollo (Review)

Nice artwork. As usual, your voice is “maw-ve-lous, Dah-ling.” However, … I hate to tell you, I really don’t care for country music, but I DID like your “Toto”, “Billy Idol” and “Steve Miller.”

Dot Garcia (Review)

I listened to some of your tunes and they are great! I especially like your vocal harmonies. Very nice!

Sandra Spence (Review)

I listened to your tracks this A.M. with snow falling and a cup of tea! Great job! I loved Baker Street! And so much work you put into it! You should be so proud. I

Bernice Privitera (Review)

Very nice, it was very smooth!!! Really enjoyed!

Renee Leonard (Review)

So happy to hear you back in the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, where the Brown-Eyed Girl sees Tequila Sunrise in Sweet Home Alabama thru the Sunshine of Your Love, and ends up Takin’ it Easy in Margaritaville!

Sheila Welch (Review)

Can't believe you took a break from live performances! These songs bring back lots of memories from high school and college days! I really like the easy tone of your voice and the instrumentals are fantastic.